At DIAM Gems & Stones, Diamonds are our core business.
We sell all kind of shapes in all sizes and are proud to offer the most competitive selection of loose diamonds publicly available online.



DIAM Gems & Stones rings are split into 4 categories: Classic, Contemporary, Vintage and Wedding rings for him and for her. Customers can choose the setting metal from either yellow, white or rose gold.



DIAM Gems & Stones sells diamond stud earrings for women and men and diamond drop earrings. Diamond stud earrings show simple elegance and come in an array of diamond sizes and shapes.



Our diamond pendants are split into 3 categories: Classic, Contemporary and Vintage pendants. One of them includes rare and clear black diamonds carefully selected for you by our experts.



We aim to provide our customers with useful diamond education. Understanding the 4 Cs - Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat - and more is essential to getting the best diamond quality at the best affordable price.

Who we are ?


DIAM is an acronym for Diamond Industry Authentic Market. We are an international company based in India and in the UK. We are diamond connoisseurs and traders, who ethically purchase rough diamonds directly from small mines and trading posts in several African countries. Conscious of the humanitarian concern surrounding "conflict diamonds" we source our diamonds ethically in full compliance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (


At DIAM Gems & Stones, our overall mission is to make the purchase of quality and ethically sourced diamonds accessible to a wide array of customers.


We work in association with Mumbai and Surat-based diamond manufacturers who cut and polish our diamonds. Our full list of products is available through our website. We also provide access to several diamond partner inventories to provide you with the best possible selection at


DIAM Gems & Stones is a member of the Gems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) Since establishment in 1966, the GJEPC has effectively collated the efforts of individual exporters to make the Gems and Jewellery sector a powerful engine that contributes to driving India's export-led growth. Customers of DIAM Gems & Stones are therefore able to shop with the knowledge that this business is associated with trusted and reputable organisations.

Buy From Us


1. Buying from us will result in considerable savings for you!
DIAM Gems & Stones is involved in the whole diamond manufacturing chain and is therefore able to sell final loose diamonds, diamond rings and other diamond jewellery items at unbeatable prices.


2. We sell high quality products
We not only offer the best prices but also guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the quality of your diamond or diamond jewellery piece as we are confident in our product and our approach. All of our diamonds are free of treatments (including HPHT) and are ethically sourced.


3. We offer a 30-day return policy on purchases
If you are disappointed with your loose diamond or diamond jewellery piece and send it back to DIAM Gems & Stones within 30 days you will be fully reimbursed. For more information about this policy please refer the Returns section of this website.


4. We seek to empower and educate our customers
Our customers are able to make a well informed purchase that is both unique and ethical.


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