At DIAM Gems & Stones, Diamonds are our core business.
We sell all kind of shapes in all sizes and are proud to offer the most competitive selection of loose diamonds publicly available online.



DIAM Gems & Stones rings are split into 4 categories: Classic, Contemporary, Vintage and Wedding rings for him and for her. Customers can choose the setting metal from either yellow, white or rose gold.



DIAM Gems & Stones sells diamond stud earrings for women and men and diamond drop earrings. Diamond stud earrings show simple elegance and come in an array of diamond sizes and shapes.



Our diamond pendants are split into 3 categories: Classic, Contemporary and Vintage pendants. One of them includes rare and clear black diamonds carefully selected for you by our experts.



We aim to provide our customers with useful diamond education. Understanding the 4 Cs - Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat - and more is essential to getting the best diamond quality at the best affordable price.

Diamond clarity



Clarity is an indication of the diamond's inner purity. As diamonds are formed deep beneath the earth's surface the majority of them have blemishes or imperfections within them (called "inclusions").

The less inclusions a diamond has within it, the more valuable it is. The clarity grade of the diamond is based on the size, location, number, colour and visibility of these inclusions. It is internationally agreed that diamonds are to be examined under 10x magnification by using a loupe. We will provide your loose diamond purchase with a loupe and a tweezer, so that you can explore the fascinating world of your own diamond.

Less than 1% of all diamonds found have no inclusions and can be classified as flawless (FL) or Internally Flawless (IF). All the international grading labs use this grading system.


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