At DIAM Gems & Stones, Diamonds are our core business.
We sell all kind of shapes in all sizes and are proud to offer the most competitive selection of loose diamonds publicly available online.



DIAM Gems & Stones rings are split into 4 categories: Classic, Contemporary, Vintage and Wedding rings for him and for her. Customers can choose the setting metal from either yellow, white or rose gold.



DIAM Gems & Stones sells diamond stud earrings for women and men and diamond drop earrings. Diamond stud earrings show simple elegance and come in an array of diamond sizes and shapes.



Our diamond pendants are split into 3 categories: Classic, Contemporary and Vintage pendants. One of them includes rare and clear black diamonds carefully selected for you by our experts.



We aim to provide our customers with useful diamond education. Understanding the 4 Cs - Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat - and more is essential to getting the best diamond quality at the best affordable price.

Choosing a diamond


In order to help you choose the best diamond that matches your requirements, DIAM Gems & Stones will assist you through the information on the website to inform you about diamonds and their characteristics. Alternatively, customers can always contact our Customer Service team for further assistance (

THE 4C's

The value of a white diamond is mainly determined by what are commonly referred to as the 4C’s. The 4C’s are the diamond's Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. Each of the 4C’s are important and the most valuable diamonds are those that possess the best of all four grades although few other characteristics also influence the pricing of diamonds.

Other Characteristics

Few other characteristics influence the pricing of diamonds. The main ones are the cut, the polish and the symmetry quality as well as the fluorescence level and the certificate issuing laboratory.

Cut, Polish and Symmetry

According to the Gemological institute of America (GIA), the aspect of craftsmanship i.e. the care that went into the crafting of a polished diamond, as seen in its finish, plays an important role in the overall cut grade along with the other aspects of face-up appearance and design.

Polish refers to the quality of a diamond's surface condition as a result of the polishing process while symmetry refers to the exactness of the shape of a diamond and the symmetricalarrangement and even placement of the facets.

Technology is also empowering diamond laboratories to include a performance cut grade although this is relatively new and is only used so far for round diamonds.


Fluorescence as explained in more details on the website, refers to the diamonds tendency to emit a soft coloured glow when subjected to ultraviolet light.

In the diamond industry, the existence of fluorescence in a diamond (caused by the natural mineral properties of the diamond) has caused many debates and in many instances still influences the pricing of diamonds.

For more than 50 years, the GIA has indicated the presence of diamond fluorescence on its diamond grading reports, but described it on the report as an identification characteristic only and not a grade.


While we would always give credit to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as the authority of diamond reporting, this does not suggest that other leading labs are not as proficient or as worthy, or that their certificates are less valuable.

Nevertheless, we still note substantial price difference depending on the certificate issuing laboratory.

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