At DIAM Gems & Stones, Diamonds are our core business.
We sell all kind of shapes in all sizes and are proud to offer the most competitive selection of loose diamonds publicly available online.



DIAM Gems & Stones rings are split into 4 categories: Classic, Contemporary, Vintage and Wedding rings for him and for her. Customers can choose the setting metal from either yellow, white or rose gold.



DIAM Gems & Stones sells diamond stud earrings for women and men and diamond drop earrings. Diamond stud earrings show simple elegance and come in an array of diamond sizes and shapes.



Our diamond pendants are split into 3 categories: Classic, Contemporary and Vintage pendants. One of them includes rare and clear black diamonds carefully selected for you by our experts.



We aim to provide our customers with useful diamond education. Understanding the 4 Cs - Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat - and more is essential to getting the best diamond quality at the best affordable price.


One of the most exciting and memorable moments in any woman's life is her engagement, when she accepts a proposal of marriage from the one she loves. A diamond ring will be regarded by any woman as a symbol of love and a promise of commitment. She will expect to receive a diamond engagement ring that sparkles with brilliance and that she will treasure for the rest of her life.


Choosing a diamond engagement ring should not be a rushed decision. For quite a few men the choices out there might seem vast and confusing with all the different diamond shapes, settings and styles. We have provided some helpful engagement ring buying advice to help you make the best choice.


Here's a little well known secret amongst women… EVERY woman expects a diamond on her engagement ring. If you're thinking of choosing a ring without a diamond gemstone you will be choosing a lower quality rock. Gemstones such as emeralds, amethysts and sapphires may look attractive, but they don't come anywhere near to the hardness and sparkle of a diamond.


You might know what style of jewellery she likes already. Some prefer a plain band and some like diamonds embedded in the band. Remember she will wear this ring for the rest of her life every day so she has to be comfortable with the style. If you really are unsure you can always have a unique design made through our bespoke jewellery design service.


There is a choice of metals to choose from for the engagement ring – yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The most popular is yellow gold with 14K and 18K gold used. Silver is not an ideal choice as it won't last a long time. White gold looks similar to silver but has a gold worth and is a metal that some women prefer over yellow gold.

Centre stone

Some women prefer a centre diamond stone on her engagement ring that stands on its own while others prefer a centre stone with side stones or with three stones – a trilogy ring. A solitaire diamond is cut in various shapes – round, princess, emerald, asscher, marquise, oval, radiant, pear, heart and cushion. You may choose the shape based on a personal characteristic of your beloved but if in doubt the most classic and beautiful is the round brilliant – you will not be disappointed and neither will she.



Finger size

A major problem faced by men in search of this engagement ring is to know the finger size of their future wife without arousing her suspicious. Some opt to ask selflessly while others use their ring to discreetly measure. If you can, take this ring, which belongs to a jeweler to measure the size and then use the method we propose to do this directly from you. In any case, know that we can shrink as well as enlarge the size of a ring. You will need to contact our customer service that will make you a quote. Note that the cost varies depending on the type of ring and that this operation is provided free services (excluding shipping costs) for solo.

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